5 Warm Weather Thrift Store T-Shirt DIY's

Spring is in the air... well okay, not entirely but it's definitely here! To follow our theme of spring-inspired DIY's, today we're sharing some t-shirt makeovers that require NO sewing!

These are perfect for warm weather. And if you've ever wondered what to do with some of the cute t-shirts you've stumbled across at Vinnies', here is your solution.



This cute Halter top - from WobiSobi

This simple workout shirt - from A Splendid Assemblage

This perfectly adorable tee for stripe lovers - from Lexy at The Proper Pinwheel (Via darkblck)

This thirty second tutorial to fix up an old shirt - from Camp Clean (a great fact about jersey in here!!)

This one is a tiny bit more complex, but oh so worth it! - from A Texas Girl in a Midwestern World